Welcome to the new Geller site.

I moved to a new hosting company and thus had to move my websites too. I was getting frustrated with the time it took to resolve my domain name which to the end user makes it seem like the speed of my sites on Network Solutions was slow. I have been thrilled with the functionality that Go Daddy offers for just $4 a month. I nearly have full access to a virtual private machine. I have shell access to my account and could really just move most of my websites from Network Solution to Go Daddy very easily. The only functionality I have found that I don't have access to is creating cron jobs, which would allow me to automatically backup my websites and shoot them to a third party location.

I have also made the move over to Drupal as the web content management system running my website. I started working on Drupal at work for a project called the San Francisco App Catalog. I have been fascinated with the power of Drupal but also frustrated with having to find the puzzle pieces and putting it together so that it functions the way I want. Once assembled, it offers some really compelling reasons to use it.

However, I am sure, none of that really matters to you. So again, welcome to the new Geller site!

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