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Project Description

Alfresco is an open source application with similar functionality to Microsoft Sharepoint.  I have been using it for over two years mainly because the Department of Technology hasn't installed a Sharepoint instance yet.  I mainly use it as a document repository - in fact, it is my "My Documents".
I mounted Alfresco as a CIFS drive in my laptop.  I then repointed the "My Documents" directory to use the mounted drive (H:/).  Now I work with Alfresco and in a way -  I don't even know it.  Alfresco also has workflow capabilities, versioning, and many other functions that I don't use personally but could be enormously beneficial to the City.
I have also mounted Alfresco into Drupal using a CIFS module.  This is great because it will push Alfresco through port 80 websites instead of 8080 Tomcat.  This comes in handy when VPNed into the City because my VPN group doesn't have port 8080 access.

Project Info
Usage Alfresco Document Management
Development Status Production
Intended Audience City End User
Natural Language English
Operating System OS Independent, Linux
Programming Language Javascript
Application URL Link
Application Code Link
Customer Contact
Department Technology, Department of
Contact Dave Geller
Technology Contact
Department Technology, Department of
Contact Dave Geller